Washington University employees found to have stolen, embezzled or otherwise made unlawful use of university resources will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with university policies.

If such actions come first to the attention of the employee’s department head or business manager, this person must discuss the incident with the Human Resources office prior to taking any disciplinary action (such as probation, suspension or termination). In addition, the department head or business manager, or the Human Resources office, should contact Internal Audit to request an audit to determine the full financial extent of the fraudulent or dishonest act. Internal Audit will work with the Security Office to the extent necessary for interrogations and physical investigations. After completion of the audit, Internal Audit will notify the Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel (OGC), the Human Resources office, the employee’s department head and the insurance department of the results of the audit.

For staff employees, decisions regarding disciplinary action and restitution will be made by the department head in consultation with Human Resources and the OGC. For faculty members, decisions regarding disciplinary action will be made by the respective dean in consultation with the faculty member’s department head, the Human Resources Office and the OGC.

When a decision is made to demand restitution, the department will formally demand restitution by the employee in writing and establish a repayment plan with payments being made to the university’s insurance department. In addition to establishing a payment plan, the university may require the employee to pledge a security interest in an asset.

The university may also report the matter to appropriate outside authorities to pursue criminal prosecution of the matter and may seek court-ordered restitution on behalf of the university.